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About Lady of the Lake Jewelry and Glass Studio

Lady of the Lake Studio, on the internet since 1999, creates and sells artist designed handcrafted jewelry and handmade lampwork glass beads. Each piece is carefully made by hand one by one, not mass produced, in our studio in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The unique and exotic jewelry designs you will see on these pages are copyrighted, designer originals signed by artist and designer Lee Archer, a New Orleans, Louisiana native who exhibits and sells her work in museum galleries and high end boutiques. Miss Archer has university degrees in art, art history, psychology and law, and is currently pursuing courses on jewelry and gemology with the Gemological Institute of America, the foremost international authority on gems and jewelry.

Miss Archer derives her inspiration from her love of the natural world, ancient legends and travel. She practices Pilates, meditates daily, and believes in the universal energy that connects us all to each other, and to all of God's creatures and creations. She is an avid gardener, focusing on rare tropical plants and orchids, and for many years rendered botanical drawings and watercolors. Then, during the three years she lived in the temperate rainforests on an island off the western coast of Canada, she learned to create jewelry. Her jewelry and beads express her "perceptions of nature and the unseen, from ethereal gardens and unspoiled exotic beaches, to the stones and bones and treasures hidden within the Earth."

Sterling silver, glass, and gems from the earth and the sea are Miss Archer's preferred media. There are more costly metals than silver. However, silver is stunningly beautiful, both in appearance and by its nature. Silver is the most reflective of the precious metals, and it is also very agreeable and willing to please. Silver will cheerfully take many forms, and express many moods, in the hands of a jewelry artist. Glass, too, is fascinating. A creation of nature refined by man- born in fire, yet liquid in essence, glass is happy to work with us as we form it into so many different shapes, from everyday objects to art. Man's fascination with gemstones from the earth and coral, shells and pearls from the sea, is ancient and timeless. These materials, used for adornment for millennia, are not only beautiful, they also carry the energy from their origins- the positive, immutable strength of the earth and the flowing, feminine energy of the sea.

"Life is a journey. The journey is the reward. Walk barefoot in the grass, play on the seashore, feel the energy of the Earth and Ocean. Keep learning. Take risks. Laugh a lot. ... And always wear great jewelry."

Studio Dogs!

Buddy and Lily LabradorTheodorable

On the left, Buddy and Lily the Yellow Labradors romp in the Ocean on the scenic Pacific Coast on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. They love the water, and love to swim. They enjoyed hiking in the giant trees of the temperate rainforests and swimming in the pristine, clear rivers and lakes on Vancouver Island, where we lived from 1998-2001. What an incredible place!

On the right is Teddy Bear, a precious, small but fearless Lhasa Apso mix rescued from the pound about five years ago. Teddy tries to play with anything that moves, including wild animals over 100 times his size. He once chased off a bull elk- hey, he just wanted to play with it! Now that we are back in Louisiana, he contents himself with chasing barn cats and squirrels, but never harms them. Aside from the chasing, Teddy is quite the charmer. He sits up on his hind legs, turns his head to the side and smiles up at people, showing both rows of teeth! Everyone he meets wants to take him home.

All three of these furry angels have the run of the studio, the house, the stables and the pastures out here at our new home in Louisiana. They love to visit the horses and sniff noses with them. They also like to pile into the 4-Runner and come along for deliveries and errands. Teddy likes to sit in front and stick his head out of the window, so he can feel like he is chasing the cars ahead. The old Labradors sit sedately in the back seat, contented to be quiet passengers. They are all petted, fussed over and fed well, and have a happy and carefree life. For all the joy they bring, they deserve it.

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We are proud to exhibit our handcrafted jewelry and lampwork glass beads at the Artisans Gallery of the Imperial Calcasieu Museum in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. Please stop by the gallery and see our work at 204 West Sallier Street, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70601. Hours - 12 - 5 PM, Tuesday through Saturday.

We are also proud to have been selected as an exhibiting member of The Juried OnLine Arts Festival, "Where collectors turn for handmade contemporary fine arts and crafts on the WWW."

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